Vehicle & Wall Wraps

Whether your business or project has a single car, a dozen vans, or a fleet of trucks, custom vehicle wraps and graphics will turn heads at all hours of the day, building awareness of your company on the road.


Vital Signs offers a variety of vehicle wraps and graphics including custom car signage and magnetics that can be applied to your car or van in your company colors and assets! We provide colorful product images and full-vehicle display wraps that will get your messages on every side of your vehicle for maximum visibility. Allowing you to put logos and contact information on a single car, a dozen vans, or a fleet of trucks is what we do!


Personalize your vehicle with company information or any image you choose. Full vehicle wraps are just a few of the options that will put your vehicle to work for you. Call Vital Signs for all your vehicle wrap and graphic needs.

Car Wraps & Graphics

Automobile Wraps – The sign industry is filled with marketing materials that service organization, information relation, image development, and more. None create the long-lasting reaction that is obtained with mobile advertising tools! These products offer a high impact visual statement with the power to develop a brand in the minds of consumers. From the moment you leave your business and head out into the community you are hitting more impressions per hour than any stationary sign all day! These are amazing results that your business deserves for itself.


Some of the industries that see the most results include:

Whether you service your clients in their homes, you travel for work, or you want to utilize your personal vehicle for marketing – our team can provide the right solutions for your goals!

Custom Design Options for Long-Term Success

The line between a forgettable marketing tool and a memorable one is the unique details that define a business as one of a kind. A brand with a recognizable logo and image is sure to be remembered when consumers need their services, and a vehicle graphic can be that brand reiteration to keep a business fresh. With advancements in our printing technology, we are able to create seamless products that depict your designs with high-resolution crispness. More than just a picture on a car, these are mobile billboards guaranteed to bring in a custom result!


Everyone has walls at their store or business – so why not use them to advertise, set the mood, or create a unique theme or message? With the advent of digital printing, wall graphics have exploded into a category that was previously all done by hand painting.  Now you don’t need an artist to create wall murals and vibrant graphics – just call Vital Signs! We service all of New Jersey and the Bayonne area.


Types of Wall Graphics and Murals

Types of wall graphics are typically sorted by coverage…so options are full wall wrapspartial wall wraps, or die-cut wall decals and lettering. The choice depends upon your goal. A focal point wall with logo and company promise might fit best as a partial wrap at the lobby entrance – while a themed restaurant dining room wall might work best with a full wrap. Decals and lettering can be spot placed for maximum effect – if the wall color is an appropriate background color. Exterior walls can also be wrapped, even brick or block surfaces when the right wall film is chosen.


Finishes and Material Choices

We use premium vinyl and protective overlaminates because of their superior quality and durability.  For indoor applications, a matte finish laminate is preferred as it knocks down the glare from overhead lighting. Exterior applications in natural light can be done in matte, or semi-gloss. Textured and brick surfaces require a conformable cast vinyl (more expensive), while totally flat/smooth walls can use a less expensive calendared wall film. Ultimately, once we are chosen for the project – we’ll send a representative to adhesion test your walls and double check dimensions and obstructions.  That test will tell us the least expensive option that will adhere to your wall surface. 

Some of the choices that are available when customizing your mobile advertisement package include:

Would you like to learn more about these custom products for your business vehicle? Are you interested in scheduling a free consultation to get started? Our team looks forward to helping you on your way, so call today!