Lighted signs

Light Box Signs or Cabinet Signs are a very common type of illuminated sign.  Great for storefront signs, building signage, and plaza directories, Lighted Box signs offer many options.

Lightbox signs are internally illuminated by either LED lighting or more commonly Fluorescent light bulbs.  Our LED lighted sign boxes offer slimmer cabinets, longer lasting lighting, 30% electric cost savings and more benefits.

Lightboxes or Illuminated Cabinet Signs can be wall mounted or post mounted.  Post mounted illuminated box signs can be single post style, double post style, or even monument style.

Lightbox sign faces are available in flat acrylic, pan style and embossed.  Decoration is either cut translucent vinyl or digital print, or painted finishes on embossed faces.  We also offer Push-Through style faces to create a halo lighted effect for your sign face.